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Embracing a tomorrow beyond automation

In an AGI-dominated landscape, human-centric skills such as emotional intelligence, ethical judgment, and cross-cultural competence will be critical. Our educational systems must adapt, integrating project-based learning, digital literacy, and a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. This will transform schools and universities into incubators of creativity, where students learn to leverage technology for problem-solving and innovation.

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The future belongs to nerds, geeks, makers, dreamers, and knowmads.

Education Futures is a globally-focused education thought leadership and research network with experience in collaborating with creatives, leaders, innovators, and learning organizations to create new opportunities for human development. We work to create vibrant, visionary, hard-charging, front-running and value-creating impacts that transform how and what we learn. Our goal is to create outcomes for all learners that are meaningful for the 21st century and beyond.

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