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Call for chapters: Actualizing the principles of Manifesto 15

Education Futures is assembling a book on emerging education futures: experiences and visions from the field. The target audience consists of educators and policymakers across the globe, and the objective of the project is to share diverse experiences, provoke conversation, and facilitate the creation of new ideas for evolving learning, aligned to the principles of Manifesto 15.

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Leapfrogging ahead through applied research, innovation, and inspiration.

Education Futures LLC is a globally-focused education research and development network with experience in collaborating with creatives, thought leaders, innovators, and learning organizations to create new opportunities for human development. We work to create vibrant, visionary, hard-charging, front-running and value-creating impacts that transform how and what we learn. Our goal is to create outcomes for all learners that are meaningful for the 21st century and beyond.

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The future belongs to nerds, geeks, makers, dreamers, and knowmads.

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