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About Education Futures

Founded by Dr. John Moravec in 2009, Education Futures LLC is a globally-focused education thought leadership and research network with experience in collaborating with creatives, leaders, innovators, and learning organizations to create new opportunities for human  development.

We work with schools, universities, and nations to develop research, policies, and innovative solutions for problems that face education todayy—with an eye for the future. Our goal is to evolve our schools to create vibrant, visionary, hard-charging, front-running and value-creating impacts that everybody will be proud to variously support, work for, teach at, matriculate to, and collaborate with. This is something that must be build together with all stakeholders, and our work is centered on building a collective capacity to transform education.

This is hard work, but we aim to have some fun as well. We are a network of subject matter experts, big dreamers, and change agents. We have a virtual presence, and a global footprint. We seek long-term value in the creation of meaningful education futures.

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Contact us


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