11 Jun 2009

Design the teacher of the future

What are the roles and qualifications for

11 Jun 2009

What are the roles and qualifications for the Teacher of the Future?

This is the question that Education Futures is asking participants of the Education 2020 unconference in Islay, Scotland on June 12, 2009. (Watch my greetings for the conference.) Whether you’re participating in the event or not, you are invited to share your vision for future educators in the form of a classifieds ad-style job description for the Teacher of the Future, dated June 12, 2020. Submissions will be compiled and published at www.educationfutures.com in July of 2009.

Please download and complete this form [Word .doc] [Rich Text .rtf], and return it to me at john@educationfutures.com. Since all responses will be shared online, you are invited to also share a mini biographical statement and photo of yourself to introduce your contribution. Submissions for Teacher of the Future job descriptions must be received by no later than June 30, 2009, to be included for publication.

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