Quick thoughts on building innovation capital
27 Feb 2008

Quick thoughts on building innovation capital

Today, I was asked, “what do we

27 Feb 2008

Today, I was asked, “what do we need to incorporate into educational programs to build innovation capital [in society]?”

Good question. Here are some quick thoughts on how education leaders can build innovation capital in society immediately:

  1. Quit trying to manage education – how can we instead attend to educational experiences?

  2. Permit students and teachers to break and rules that govern a “proper” education.

  3. Always ask questions – inside and outside of educational contexts.

  4. Be comfortable asking questions where we don’t know the correct answers.

  5. Orient education toward the meaningful pursuit of new knowledge.

  6. Embrace the functional expertise within everybody.

  7. Start working on future problems today.

Any other thoughts out there?

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  1. Mike Sansone February 28th, 2008 10:00PM

    Take action on ideas without fear of failure. Mistakes are Tuition.