Now for an update and correction…
06 Nov 2007

Now for an update and correction…

I need to post an update and

06 Nov 2007

I need to post an update and correction to my review of the Nokia N800:

First, “timeless,” a MicroB developer, pointed out that when the N810 is released, the clock speed on the N800 will increase through an OS tweak:

For the record, it’s the same processor. When IT OS 2008 becomes available and you flash your N800 with it (and the pain of restoring all the data), it too will sometimes run at that faster speed. I work on the web browser (hence my blog alert), but basically there are two components which you can trade off speed CPU and DSP, if one’s running faster the other needs to be slower. For IT OS 2008, they developed the code to dynamically change the speeds of these two components.

He says Nokia’s press materials regarding the issue have been very confusing, and that…

It’s kinda like the old fassion 386/33 days where there was a turbo button that could make it run at 16mhz. Except, because all the games ran at 16mhz the turbo button was left in the off state at shipping. (More technical answer being that in order to play sound well they hadn’t yet made software to automatically press/release the turbo button, but…)

Also, the “Nokia Internet Call Invitation (Beta)” and Gizmo Project are separate applications –not one package.

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