A positive nod to Blackboard
16 Nov 2007

A positive nod to Blackboard

I received a call this afternoon from

16 Nov 2007

I received a call this afternoon from a third-party developer who confirmed the Blackboard Beyond Initiative is working aggressively on a fix for the critical flaw in its SafeAssign product reported at EF on Tuesday. The good news is that student data is no longer being distributed into the wild. This is a huge gain for students and faculty concerned about privacy.

The quick turnaround on this issue merits extra credit. In the interim, SafeAssign’s grade gets changed to an “Incomplete” until the fix is released.

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  1. Jonathan Bailey November 17th, 2007 1:47AM

    That is a pretty huge flax. I’m glad that they’re working on it. Hopefully they can seal that one off before it gets too far out into the wild.

    Otherwise, they could have a major copyright infringement and privacy suit on their hands in short order.