An ISSN for Education Futures
21 Sep 2007

An ISSN for Education Futures

As Education Futures nears its third anniversary,

21 Sep 2007

As Education Futures nears its third anniversary, a couple changes are taking place:

  1. The Library of Congress has issued ISSN 1940-0934 to this blog. This means Education Futures is a recognized serial and is cataloged by the Library.
  2. Global Leapfrog Education (ISSN 1933-0200) is now merged with Education Futures. Future GLE articles will be published as a section within Education Futures and cataloged with the new ISSN.

As the academy (slowly!) moves toward recognizing blogs as legitimate, peer-reviewed publications, and as the boundaries between blog posts and traditional publications continue to blur, it is important for blogs to adopt ISSNs. For more discussions on ISSN and blogs, see especially:

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    “Vinny,” I thought your wife forbade you from blogging on your honeymoon!


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