Taking a short intermission
03 Aug 2007

Taking a short intermission

We’re taking a short intermission from education

03 Aug 2007

We’re taking a short intermission from education futures blogging due to the craziness of the past week in Minneapolis. Thankfully none of us or any of our friends or loved ones were involved in the I-35W bridge collapse. Harkins and I were teaching in the UMN-FLACSO joint seminar at the time, only a few blocks away. One of our students posted her recollections on the course blog.

My office is only a few blocks from the disaster site. I uploaded a few of my photos onto SlideShare:

Tom Elko posted additional photos at the Sky Blue Waters Report.

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  1. Seth Baum August 5th, 2007 10:59PM

    I’d say this is a good reason to take some time off! Best of luck with all of that.