Four futures for China Inc.
02 Feb 2007

Four futures for China Inc.

My interest in China is booming. I

02 Feb 2007

My interest in China is booming. I will travel to China in April for a teacher education conference sponsored by the Ministry of Education and several international organizations. I will present a workshop on leapfrogging in teacher education to build globally-competent and competitive human capital –particularly among youth. It appears they’re taking leapfrogging seriously. China is determined to become the world’s dominant economic power, and it is aggressively pursuing policies to meet that goal.

James Kynge believes China will “shake the world,” but others disagree. Is China on the verge of becoming the dominant world power, or will its bubble of development burst due to inherent defects in its social, economic and political structures?

By Internet standards, this article is a bit dated, but it is still a good read. Global Business Network posts a reprint of a Business 2.0 article on Four Futures for China Inc. Doug Randall and Jesse Goldhammer propose four scenarios for the future of China:

In “Emperor of Business,” China grows peacefully and plays by the rules, while in “Emperor’s New Clothes,” China’s growth rate is short-lived and it basically becomes a bigger Brazil. In “Emperor of Asia,” China grows only as fast as its neighbors; by contrast, in “Emperor of the World,” China’s speedy growth tips all the scales in its favor.

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