Blidget: Blog meets widget
01 Feb 2007

Blidget: Blog meets widget

This seems like a good idea. From

01 Feb 2007

Education Futures BlidgetThis seems like a good idea. From Crunch Gear:

Widgetbox, a marketplace for Web widgets, now lets you quickly and easily build a widget for your blog.

Called Blidgets, they combine the power of RSS feeds with the “easy page integration of widgets.” The Blidget Maker auto-discovers RSS feeds, images and descriptions for the blog and then lets you customize the look and feel.

Once created, a one-click integration feature easily installs it and a “Get Widget” button onto the blog. Plus, all widgets registered with Widgetbox receive Widgetbox Syndication Metrics, showing you information about the use and adoption of the Blidget.

Feeling inspired, I made a Blidget for Education Futures: Get this widget from Widgetbox

Will it catch on?

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